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In the 1960’s a company based in Sydney called Lead Products LTD., produced components for lead acid batteries and actively encouraged the manufacture of batteries in communities throughout Australia. At the industry’s peak there were over 300 local manufacturers.

Mitchell Batteries is a locally owned and operated business. It was established in April 1969, manufacturing lead acid batteries for automotive vehicles, home lighting and stand by systems. In the late 1980's imported batteries flooded the Australian market and local manufacturing became uneconomical. While many of the local battery manufactures ceased business, Mitchell Batteries survived to offer excellent service which now includes Auto Electrical and the sale and repair of boats and motors to the Central West and most of Western NSW.

David, an ex-farmer and fifth generation Bathurstian, and his wife Kay purchased Mitchell Batteries in 2008. Eighteen months later they opened Bathurst Auto Electrical next door to further serve their clientele, with the latest in diagnostic gear. Mitchell Batteries is proud of their long, rich, local heritage and continue the good old fashioned commitment of quality products and excellent service. They have been doing this, in the same spot, for nearly 50 years!

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